Real estate Investment Series : Focus Ghana 2007.

2010/12/31 08:30
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Satyam was compelled to backtrack on its plans inside a day after its board licensed the purchase of Maytas Infra for $300 million for 51 percent stake and Maytas Properties for $1. The deal has seriously damaged the reliability of the Hyderabad based IT firm and raised issues over its future that too in middle of deepening world recession. In the stockholders meeting following the deal, Satyam founder and CEO B Ramalinga Raju, was in the center of the hurricane by academic stockholders in Satyam.

In India business stories, state-owned banks on December 15 reduced rates for the fighting micro, tiny and medium ventures ( MSMEs ) in a chain of attempts to help the drooping demand in housing sector. Twenty-five per cent rate of interest would be charged for Home Loans between Rs 5-20 lakh.

The best way to take with Ghana is to line up all of the negatives, knock them down with explanation the govt and further external bodies and agencies are tackling these issues head on and then identify the dazzling potential available in Ghana for property stockholders from 2007 onwardsin this way a stockholder can decide whether 2007 is the year for them to start their required research in Ghana for long-term capital appreciating investment possibilities.

The current issues facing Ghana’s property market include the proven fact that those purchasing resale land and property regularly buy legal action instead of land title because there's no decent system in place for the registration of title deeds and transfers and as the conveyancing system lacks transparency.

In addition to this the level of tourism expansion in Ghana isn't sufficient for the tourism economy to become an engaging sector for foreign direct investment right now. Additionally there are issues in the key towns with homelessness and even those with a need to own their own houses and who've got a decent salary with which to afford a house loan have limited and proscribed access to mortgages in Ghana.

Efforts In progress to boost the property Market in Ghana.

With this significant move, the Federal Agency made it obvious it'll use all available and untested tools in its attempts to dissolve life into unhealthy US economy and stop any downward force on consumer costs. Also for the economy to get extra confidence it's also requisite that purchaser purchasing should come back. Chidambaram stressed that India is far from recession.
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